7 Elements That Make a Strong Brand

A collage filled with samples of branding from Lorg Media as well as brands we have worked with.

A robust brand not only sets you apart from competitors but also nurtures trust and loyalty amongst your audience. But what exactly helps a brand leave a lasting impression? Keep reading to discover the 7 elements that make a strong brand. 

1. Brand Name

Let’s kick off our list of 7 elements that make a strong brand with the first step of branding, choosing a name. What’s in a name? In marketing, a symbolic name can help your brand stand out amongst competitors. Our brand name “Lorg Media” accurately represents our team culture and the way we approach projects.

The word “Lorg”, in Irish, means to seek, to find, or to leave an impression. We seek stories, we find data and insights, and we leave an impression by exceeding expectations. Having an Irish language brand name also shows the world that we are a bilingual marketing agency with a passion for the Irish language, culture, and heritage.  

2. Logo

An attractive logo design goes a long way to increase brand awareness and recall. It can help form positive brand associations in the eye of the consumer. Designing a logo provides another outlet for establishing brand identity alongside the brand name and all other elements that make a strong brand. The Lorg Media logo is a visual representation of our passion for all things Ireland and Irish culture as well as our innovation in the marketing scene. It is inspired by the Celtic Torc, its history and traditions. Ensuring strength during decision making for clients, the opening in the circular design allows space for new and innovative ideas to flow. 

3. Slogan

Our countdown of 7 elements that make a strong brand would be incomplete without music or a powerful message to capture your audience. Make people remember your brand with an inspiring slogan, jingle, or catchphrase. Wow the public with a phrase that embodies your brand or campaign such as the “One Night for All” Culture Night slogan that we worked on alongside The Arts Council. Culture Night is an annual nationwide cultural festival that takes place all over Ireland for one night only in September. The slogan “One Night for All” emphasizes the festival’s sense of community as well as its inclusion of minority groups. Its Irish language counterpart “Oíche Dár Saol” (the night of our lives) communicates a love for the Irish language and culture.

4. Imagery

Consistent imagery is key to forming a strong brand. Visual content such as videos and graphics should look uniform in order to pass the “blink test”. If you asked someone to quickly glance at your branded content, would they instantly know which brand it belonged to? If the answer is no, we’d recommend being more consistent with your branded imagery. Check out the Galway Film Fleadh, a film festival campaign we worked on here in our hometown of Galway City. The campaign’s stunning design, created by our very own Lorcan Doherty, made us immensely proud when it was painted as a mural outside the Pálás cinema. It helped to capture the attention of film enthusiasts, alongside the campaign’s videos and graphics. The uniformity of the mural, videos, and graphics, shows that they all belong to the same series and are instantly recognisable as the Galway Film Fleadh. 

5. Tone of Voice

The tone is an important mention on our list of elements that make a strong brand because a distinctive voice can help elevate your business. Standing out is especially important now in the oversaturated landscape of social media. Social platforms allow consumers to interact with friends and brands in the same spaces, so they are more likely to interact with branded content if the copywriting sounds like someone they know in real life. TG4, Ireland’s public broadcaster, is well-known for its charming and witty tone of voice on X which has helped them to nurture a community of loyal followers. We had the honour of working with TG4 ourselves on Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, Ireland’s biggest traditional music competition, for which we won “Best in Social Media” at the Spider Awards.

6. Fonts

It’s all about the fonts. Stylish brands use emotive fonts, just like a brand we’ve worked with called Tuismitheoirí na Gaeltachta. Tuismitheoirí na Gaeltachta strives to support families raising their children with Irish in Irish-speaking communities. The brand’s primary font is playful and approachable, so it’s perfect for use on creative and informal designs such as posters and books for children.

7. Colours

Colours conclude our countdown of 7 elements that make a strong brand. Your choice of colours can compliment all the other elements of your brand design. When choosing colours, remember that they should reflect the brand’s personality, such as the Creidim Ionat colours. We have had the pleasure of working on the Creidim Ionat campaign with Foras na Gaeilge this spring. Foras na Gaeilge is the body responsible for the promotion of Irish throughout the island of Ireland. Creidim Ionat, meaning “I believe in you”, is a Foras na Gaeilge initiative in partnership with RTÉ that encourages individuals to take their next step with the Irish language. It is an influencer-led campaign, showcasing Irish talent as they strive to achieve their Irish language goals with help from their mentors. The shades of purple, pink, orange, and yellow used in the Creidim Ionat branding are friendly and playful. They position the Irish language as a fun and exciting journey for language learners.

Now It’s Your Turn

The 7 elements that make a strong brand are the brand’s name, logo, slogan, imagery, tone, fonts, and colours. Now, with inspiration from Lorg Media and our clients, you’re well on your way to becoming a brand expert. For best results, share this blog post with your colleagues!