Content Formats for Social Media

Are you optimising your social media content for mobile phone consumption? Are your graphics and videos platform-specific?

Did you know that social media platforms prioritise certain dimensions over others when it comes to promoting your content.

It mostly relates to how the content will be consumed – if it’s on mobile – it performs better if it takes up more space on the phone screen (as you scroll, it takes longer to scroll past, so you’re more likely to click and consume or at least pause and watch – makes sense!)

Here’s a quick overview (As of August 2021 … it changes frequently!)

For LinkedIn and Youtube stick with landscape or 16:9

Twitter has recently veered away from 16:9 and now allows for 4:5
(Slightly longer than a square)

Facebook prefers graphics and video that as formatted 4:5 while
the Instagram grid likes 4:5 or Square (1:1)

For Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV, Twitter Fleets, Snapchat and Facebook Stories 9:16 or portrait is best.

The next time you’re creating a graphic or editing a video try to use the guideline formats above and see how your content does!