Five Free AI Tools For Marketing

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Two words, artificial intelligence. At Lorg Media, we understand that AI can be overwhelming for beginners. AI tools are expensive and it can be hard to know which ones to use. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five free AI tools for marketing to get you started. Relax, read on, and share this blog post with your team for a smooth transition into AI for marketing.

1. Chat GPT

First on our list of five free AI tools for marketing is ChatGPT, the generative AI tool that produces text when given a prompt. Imagine putting your vision into words; This free AI tool can storyboard a video for your upcoming marketing campaign or repurpose content for different platforms, such as transforming a blog post into a detailed podcast script.

The most important thing to remember about the best free AI tools for marketing is they are only as good as the human using them. For the best results, make your prompts as detailed as possible. Use actionable words to tell ChatGPT exactly what you want it to produce and give it context regarding your marketing campaign and target audience. If you’re not happy with the results, evaluate and refine your prompt. Practice and patience are paramount.

2. Looka

Looka is an AI-powered platform that designs logos. It is especially useful for small businesses that don’t have the means to hire a brand team or for marketers who are in the brainstorming stage of a rebrand. Looka incorporates your brand’s name, slogan, choice of colours, and sense of style in its logo design.

A good logo goes a long way; That’s why Looka stands out to us as one of the best free AI tools for marketing. Remember, branding is everything! In 2007, The New York Times reported on the power of the golden arches, following a study that showed 77% of its participants liked the taste of Mc Donald’s fries served in McDonald’s bags more than the same fries served in plain white bags.

The good news is you don’t need to be a wealthy fast-food chain in order to afford a decent logo when free AI tools such as Looka are available to marketers.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing tool that corrects spelling and fixes punctuation errors. It offers a free Google Chrome extension, so you can improve your writing across Google Docs, Canva, or any other platform.

When it comes to spelling mistakes, social media has no mercy. A simple error can tarnish a brand’s reputation online. For example, to support his presidential campaign in 2012, Mitt Romney launched a mobile app which embarrassingly misspelled “America”, so it wasn’t long before #Amercia was trending on X, formerly known as Twitter. We’re not saying it lost him the election but the error could have been avoided with help from Grammarly, one of our favourite free AI tools for marketing.

3. Deep AI

Deep AI is a user-friendly AI image generator that’s free to use, with no login required. Simply describe the image you’d like to generate, select the art style you like best, and hit “enter”. Results may vary depending on the quality of your prompt, so remember to be clear and concise.

It’s important to note that as marketers, we know our target audiences better than any robot, so with regards to content creation, we’d rather design the graphics ourselves. However, imagine that a client has requested some social media post prototypes at the last minute. AI helps us to visualize our ideas in a quick and easy way before applying the human touch later on.

4. FlexClip

FlexClip is an AI video editing tool with a 4.5 rating on TechRadar. The free plan includes standard resolution, 12 projects, one stock video, and a one-minute video length cap, along with thousands of copyright-free videos, photos, and music. We’ve added it to our list of free AI tools for marketing as it’s an ideal choice if you’re keen to dip your toes in the water but don’t want to commit to a paid plan just yet.

We love using the tool’s “text to speech” feature which allows you to choose from a number of AI-generated voices to narrate your video. The tool offers AI voices in multiple languages, which we appreciate as a bilingual marketing agency that often makes Irish language content for our clients.

In Conclusion

Congratulations, you’re almost ready to use five free AI tools for marketing but before sharing this blog post with your colleagues, we encourage you to think about the ethical considerations of AI in marketing.

AI tools offer incredible potential for streamlining tasks and enhancing creativity, but you are the expert in the office after all. Don’t rely too heavily on AI to create content for you. Consider AI tools as aids to human creativity and insight, not the brains behind the operation.

Secondly, transparency is key; be honest with your audience and your clients about your use of AI-generated content. If you’re sending AI art to a client, specify that it is AI-generated. 

Through ethical consideration, marketers can harness the power of AI while maintaining authenticity and trust with their audiences and clients. Now, spread the word, and explore the potential of our favourite free AI tools for marketing.